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STC Committee

A not-for-profit club needs a strong committee and supportive members...


and the STC have had their fair share of valuable contributors since inception in 1934. Our club's own constitution is founded on the support and efforts of the current and past committees. Many members have played important roles in not only steering, but shaping Australia's oldest game fishing club as a beacon in pioneering the sport and upholding the values, rules and regulations game fishing is founded on. Not only does it make decisions on behalf of the club and it's members, the committee also aims to serve its members needs, the requirements and rulings of its affiliates and offer something back to the game fishing community.

Scott Gowland SBT.jpg
Our Commitee

Our current committee works on behalf on all STC Members to deliver the clubs constitution and share our voice with game fishing affiliates on recreational angling.

Scott Gowland
Allen Gowland

Vice President & Life Member

David Elllis STC Commitee.jpeg
Kel Taylor

Committee Member & Life Member

David Ellis

Committee Member

Dr. Vic Teasdale

Committee Member

Tim simpson Broadbill.jpg
Mark Nan Tie

Treasurer & Secretary

Tim Simpson

Committee Member

Andrew Pennisi

Committee Member

Have a question for the club or committee?

Our committee are always open to taking on board a call or enquiry from the general public or current Club members.


Please feel free contact us using one of the the above e-mail addresses or our Club contact form below.

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