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Past and present members fish captures and releases​

​Since the club was founded in 1934, our members have caught and released a lot of great game fish. Below are our current and historical galleries for you to view and enjoy.

Historical STC Club Gallery

Past members photos, highlighting the club's long history.

Like to share a fishing photo?

Current members are welcome to share with us fish captures and releases here in our STC photo galleries. Please e-mail your fishing photos to

Trish Simpson - Sailfish
Tag and release of a Striped marlin
SBT - Julien Newton Brown, Portland
Peter Dunlop SBT
SBT - Scott Gowland
Tim Simpson - Broadbill Swordfish
Chris Baty STC
Peter Dunlop - SBT
Reg Lyne Black Marlin 1934
Jack Nixon 788lb Black Marlin
Jim Nixon and family
Tom Mitchell's Yellowfin
Bob Southey Bluefin Tuna
Ian Cutler's Cairns Marlin
Life Member Ian Cutler
Picture 17 - zane grey black marlin 1936
Bill Wallis and Roy Michaelis
Zane Greys Boat
Tom Bell's Record Tiger shark
Johnny Jubb & Tim Simpson
Jim Porter's Black Marlin, Bermagui
The Vida and crew
R Lyne and T Brunn 1939
Zane Grey Thresher Shark, Bermagui
Jack Taylor and Reg Lyne, Bermagui
Jim Allen Yellowfin Tuna
Good fishing on the Vida
Picture 4 Reg Lyne congratulates Zane Grey
Ern Palmer
Julian Newton Brown
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