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'The First Marlin' set to screen in home port of Bermagui.

The Club's pioneering game fishing documentary, 'The First Marlin', will get it's second showing in the town where the original film was made over 86 years ago.

In collaboration with the BBGAC and across the weekend of the rescheduled Bluewater Classic and Annual Alliance Tag and Release fishing tournaments people of the local communities on the Far South Coast and visitors can take up this great opportunity and learn more about how fishing made the town of Bermagui come to life in mid to late 1930s.

Saturday March 7th,  Bermagui Country Club at 7.30pm and 8:30pm

The Country Club will run two screenings, back to back, to accommodate those held up in fishing tournament activities. It's the perfect venue for the screening, as it now holds the BBGAC Clubrooms. These rooms have recently been updated and now hold a great range of fishing memorabilia, dating back to the time when the the STC was formed back in 1934. It provides a wonderful step back in time, just like the documentary. It's hoped plenty of fishing enthusiasts join us for what will be a fantastic screening. Along with the screening of the film, on the night our Vice President and the documentaries director, writer and producer will run a quick Q&A after the screening.

Tickets will be are $5 each and can be purchased at the door. (Children are FREE).

The importance of this documentary cannot be underestimated nor be kept for STC members eyes only. It holds considerable elements that make it too good not to be shared.

The Club is hopeful of a good turnout, as indications from the BBGAC and other fishing persons was that this film was in high demand to be shown in Bermagui. It's hoped the screening will broaden the appeal and set in place opportunities for other gamefishing Clubs to to hold similar events.

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