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Vale: Julian Newton Brown

Julian Newton Brown - Chasing SBTs off Portland

It is with great sadness that we inform you, our oldest club member, Julian Newton Brown, recently passed away.

Known to many of us as J.B., he was a long time STC member, who with whisky in hand (which he had distilled himself), loved to entertain us with his stories and poetry.

Julian had a love for fishing (be it game or fly) and for time with his mates. He was a pioneer at Falls Creek and a very accomplished skier, a published author, a pharmacist, hotelier, whisky maker, husband, father, grandfather and a great friend to many of us.

"I had the special privilege of being seated next to JB at last years Annual Dinner, which was to be his last. We shared great banter as JB recounted times he spent at Falls Creek as the unofficial 'on mount' pharmacist, as an aside to fishing talk of course. I will forever fondly remember that evening, amongst other great times we shared - notably catching bluefin in the Southern ocean out from Portland, Victoria."

Scott Gowland. STC Vice President.

Our thoughts go out to Beth and family.

JB will be sorely missed by all STC members and friends. We wish him only tight lines, plenty more powder and endless drams of whisky to fill his glass before we catch up with him another day. Rest in peace.

These photo's all relate to a Club fishing charter in 2018, which JB attended. Below is a exert from the trips report. A wonderful reminder of what fishing is all about to the STC.

"This time Julien Newton Brown was hooked up. For those who don't know JB, he's currently the Club's oldest living member. When the call went out for members to give interest on joining this trip, JB was the first to reach out. Julien has had a long and successful fishing history, making plenty of notable captures and fishing with many well known fishing identities. However his capture list, revealed on the trip, did not include the mighty Southern Bluefin Tuna (SBT). But he changed all that, at the youthful age of 86 and 20 years since he'd last hit the water for a days game fishing. In sloppy conditions, on 6 kg, a fish estimated at 10 kg was a great result. All on board remarked in private conversations, we hoped we'd be on the sea snagging game fish when we are in our 80s."

by Scott Gowland

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