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Mallacoota Marlin

Ther's neve been a better time to land a Victorian Marlin. Currently a hot bite continues out of Mallacoota, as a strong warm east-caost current eddies into the far east of bass Strait. 

A few of lucky anglers have been given the taste of some unbelievable game fish action, where they've be offered multiple shots in a day on fiesty striped amrlin. Once report noted a triple hook up as fish schooled on bait balls.

This hot action comes off the back of some great fishing occurring out of the port of Eden over christmas. It appears the strong south follow current has pushed fished into Victorian waters. Unfortunately our home port of Bermagui did not enjoy the run as other ports south have the town have. Maybe they will when the current lessens and swings back around.

Changing of the guard

Our 2017 AGM and Annual Dinner brought the winds of change to the STC committee and the end of a highly successful partnership. Allen Gowland, President, and Kel Taylor, Secretary, or the dynamic duo as they have been known, relinquished their Club positions. The pair have shared and enjoyed a long time together holding two of the most important roles in the Club's committee. All members are very grateful for their service, which spans well over ten years in these positions and more than twenty on the committee.


Over time they have not only brought energy, amazing service and professionalism to the positions but have facilitated and orchestrated key changes to the Club's direction and viability as well as been the driving force behind the Club's historical documentation.


Chris Baty and Andrew Pennisi have been elected into the vacated roles. Chris is the new Club president, and Andrew the new Club secretary. Scott Gowland has moved into the Vice-president position

Both Allen and Kel will remain on the committee in advisory roles to help Chris and Andrew settle in and find their feet in their new positions. Once again we can't thank them enough for their service, dedication and hard work.

Victorian Fishing Report

The far-east coast of Victoria and further south in Tasmania are heavily in the grip of Swordfishing fights of a lifetime. No less than three club members have successfully taken trips offshore and captured and/or released these almighty fish, with a few other members also have a crack without luck. Once regarded as almost too difficult to catch, it seems the cat is now out of the bag and techniques have quickly been mastered to increase the success rates to make these a realistic game fishing target. 

Members Tom Hall and Andrew Galea have captured swordfish weighing 197 kg, and 235 kg respectively, with Tom's fish being played on free to air TV. While Tim Simpson released his off Tasmania with a satellite tag for research purposes. Congratulations to all three men and their crews on these great fishing moments. It'll sure make this years' trophy presentations a set of hard decision for the committee to make.

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