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Get excited! Dr. Julian Pepperell is back to enthral us as our guest speaker at this year's dinner.

The First Marlin Game Fishing Documentary Screens at The Bermagui Country Club

Ask any member or guest who were in attendance at the last STC Annual Dinner Dr. Pepperell spoke at and you'll see their eyes immediately light up.

On that occasion Julian held everyone captive and had us chatting well into the evening about the tag and release of billfish. The insights he shared were fascinating and the research he presented was, dare we say, sexy! To have him return to speak to us again marks an occasion that should not be missed. It will also be the first time since 2019, when Dr. Sean Tracey presented, the Club has engaged a guest speaker to be part of the night.

"Julian sees it as quite an honour to speak at the STC – he has a strong regard for the Club."

Tim Simpson. Current STC Committee Member.

Furthermore, Julian's presentations are held in such high regard, much like this books and research, that many seek out the events he talks at, just for the opportunity to hear his insights and knowledge about game fish and game fishing. Add to this, he's a wonderful person to meet and talk too. The opportunity to talk to Julian over a beverage and dinner will be made available on the night.

All details relating to the STC 2023 Annual Dinner & AGM, as well as reserving a place, can be accessed via the link button below.

About Julian

"Dr. Pepperel is an Australian marine biologist and author, and a leading authority on marlin, sailfish, tuna, and sharks. Throughout his distinguished career in marine science, he has undertaken numerous projects on the general biology, life history, movements and stock structure of pelagic fishes, including tunas, billfish and sharks.

The majority of his work has been conducted in collaboration with the Australian government, universities and state fisheries departments as well as with other universities around the globe. He developed the Australian Game Fish Tagging Program, which at the time was the largest such project in the world. Perhaps one of his greatest accomplishments was developing a code of practice for recreational fishing in Australia in 2007.

Dr. Pepperell has been the keynote speaker at numerous important recreational and commercial fishery conferences and symposia over many decades and has acted in a leadership or advisory role in nearly every major workshop, symposium or conference on highly migratory species at a national and international level since 1992.

Dr. Pepperell received the IGFA Conservation Award in 1999 and is also the recipient of the Rybovich Lifetime Conservation Award from The Billfish Foundation. He is also a member of the Cairns Game Fishing Hall of Fame."


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