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STC historic documentary soon to hit the silver screen

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Reg Lyne's Black Marlin. The worlds's first swordfish caught on rod and reel – and film!

After many years of planning and scripting the STCs second major film production is in production. It will be ready for release mid 2019, with a special premiere showing to be the preferred release option. The Club's first film production was filmed and made in 1934. This new production will play homage to its origins and present to the world the earliest recorded footage of a marlin (swordfish) being played and captured on rod and reel. It will also shed more light on the Club's establishment and tell the story of how our Club came to be.

The Club is excited to acknowledge that Club members' Dr. Vic Teasdale, Tim Simpson, and Jim Allen have been cast in the production along with fishing historian John McIntyre. Their roles will be to provide commentary and present key information on the 1934 production, as well as the undertaking by Club members to capture this footage. Also highlighted in the film will be a look back at fishing tackle in the 1930s, how game fishing came to be in Australia (and how this film played a part) and the film techniques and equipment used to capture and make it.

This Club undertaking will surely deliver a highly valuable piece of historic preservation and ensure all those interested in fishing history and film can watch where game fishing got it's origins from here in Australia.

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