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Put your name on the world's oldest game fishing trophies.

First won back in the 1930s the STC Presidents Trophy is today rarely awarded.

Whether you catch them or release them, we don't mind, but remember, there may be an STC trophy in it for you.

Every gamefishing season, anytime if you catch or release a gamefish you can submit it for a STC trophy. We've trophies across a wide selection of gamefishing disciplines. Read about them all here on our trophies page on our website.

Yet there's one that these days seems hard to award, the stunning Presidents Trophy. Cast by Hardy Brothers in the mid 1930s, this trophy features a sterling silver swordfish. It's most recent valuation saw is valued at $40,000. That being said, we believe it's worth more than this today. The trophy honours the heaviest gamefish capture any where in the world by a Club member. Understandably, gamefish captures by members are a little rare these days, but by no means is it out of the question that if you capture a great fish, that goes line class and gets officially weighed, there's no reason you shouldn't submit it as an entry and potentially have your name join a long list of of amazing fishermen.

Committee members clean up in 2022-23

Last season saw two trophies awarded at our annual dinner in November. Member David Ellis won the Ian Culter Trophy, awarded for the tag and release effort of billfish anywhere in the world. His Black Marlin of an estimated 130 kg on 24kg was deemed to be worthy winner. What a great fish.

While Tim Simpson took home the Vida Trophy, awarded for the most meritorious contribution to tag and release anywhere in the world. Tim's 12kg sailfish on 8kg was indeed a most brilliant effort.

Submit your entry

If you've officially released or captured a gamefish between July 1st 2023 and June 30 2024 make sure you let us know and we can record it and assess it for a STC trophy. Trophies are awarded at our annual dinner. The new fishing season starts July 1st 2024. Now's the time to get planning for that trophy winning fish!

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