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Tickets are now on sale for 'The First Marlin - A pioneering Game Fishing Documentary'.

Updated: May 2, 2019

After many years of hard work The Club's pioneering game fishing documentary, 'The First Marlin', that discusses the inspiring story of our Club member's expedition to Montague Island and how it changed fishing in Australia forever, is complete.

The STC committee has decided the best way to present this momentous undertaking and showcase the story to our loyal group of Club members and the public will be to present it on the big screen. Therefore we'll be holding a world premiere screening on...

Thursday May 30th at the  Sun Theatre in Yarraville at 8.30pm (for a 9pm start).

We hope plenty of fishing enthusiasts join us for what will be a fantastic Club event. Along with the screening of the film on the night we will also be holding a special Q&A with the cast, director and producers after the screening.

Tickets are $30 each and can be purchased through our Eventbrite page listing 'The First Marlin'

Importantly, the STC has decided to open our premiere screening to all game fishing enthusiasts, game fishing clubs and industry bodies. The importance of this film cannot be underestimated nor be kept for STC members eyes only. It holds considerable elements that make it too good not to be shared.

For more information about the screening and film you can read more on our website or contact the club

To assist with the premiere screening and final production costs, we're also looking for sponsors. In return, dependant on the level of sponsorship you commit to, we'll place your name or businesses name in the end credits of our documentary for all to see. Whether you are just looking to be part of history at a personal level, would like to promote a business (exposure is most likely to be global via social media and showings at other game fishing clubs here and around the world - including the IGFA) or simply love anything to do with fishing we'd love you to be associated with the the good work dedicated people have spent completing this film.


There are a number of sponsorship packages on offer:

In the films end credits, packages will be listed in order of highest to lowest value and be titled by the name of package. In the case of the Blue and Black Marlin Packages, business names can be exchanged for personal names or families on request.


We are also happy to receive any donation in kind to support the project.

Please contact the club via our contact us page form found on the bottom of that webpage should you wish to sponsor or donate to the film or to learn more.

Our Club secretary will be in touch to formalise your sponsorship or donation and gain important details. Sponsorships will be available until Friday May 10th 2019, so don't delay.

In addition to the acknowledgement in the film credits it's also planned that at the premiere screening sponsors who commit to the Black Marlin Sponsorship Package will be recognised by the MC and Club on the night.

If in anyway you value the history of game fishing and the pioneers of the sport here in Australia this is a fantastic opportunity to be recognised along side. It's anticipated the documentary will deliver a highly valuable piece of historic preservation and ensure all those interested in fishing history and film can watch and learn where and how game fishing originated here in Australia.

We look forward to seeing you at the premiere on May 30th

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