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A successful day on set

What an amazing day for the Swordfish and Tunny Club, spent filming a documentary that saw the Club's footage of its first marlin capture discussed in depth by game fishing legends, film and fishing historians; Jim Allen, Tim Simpson, Vic Teasedale and John McIntyre.

Compleat Angler' Melbourne store in Flinders Lane was our location for the day and where all the movie magic happended. Thanks to our crew Cam (CSFilm), Zach, Goldy and Sandy (AyreSupport) the filming went very smoothly. Special thanks must also go to the club’s Vice President Scott Gowland for the mammoth amount of work he has put in to get us to this stage as producer, director, script writer and production designer.

We are all most excited to see what this team will now do with the footage and look forward to hosting a premiere sometime in 2019. Here are a few pics from the day.

One last quick lot of thanks go to our helpers on the set – Andrew Pennisi, Allen Gowland, Mark Teasdale and Rebecca Zammit. Professionals in every sense.

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