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A change to Club Membership Structure – 80 years in the making.

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

The First Marlin Game Fishing Documentary Screens at The Bermagui Country Club

There's no disagreement, being a member of Australia's oldest game fishing club has a great ring to it. Yet, as with any organisation, the strength of a Club's membership base and how it functions it critical to survival!

For a long time now the Club's lack of documented alignment with the game fishing season has always provided a headache for the committee. Our affiliation to the GFAV and GFAA requires us to advise our Club membership numbers come the end of July each year. This is necessary to ensure the affiliation of our members is ratified and all receive coverage for the upcoming game fishing season (which is aligned to a financial year).

Considering our membership payment structure revolves around our Annual Dinner, usually held in the month of November, most membership payments are collected and formalised there. For a very long-time it has left us in an awkward position of paying membership affiliations without knowing if a Club member would renew. Painting this with some good news, over our long history, this hasn't been too much of problem, as close to all our members renew each year. However, is does leave the door ajar when we pay a members affiliation cost ($28.00) before they've paid/renewed their annual membership and means we need to cover that gap.

From what has been written above it would be hard not to agree that it would be more practical to move to a new membership payment structure that requests payment by the end of each financial year (for the upcoming season) – finally closing the door on this long and ever present issue. During 2021 the committee unanimously agreed that all STC Annual Club Memberships will now be aligned to our affiliates game fishing season structure, requiring membership renewal payments to be made by June 30th each year to cover members for the forth coming season.


New STC Club Membership Structure

  • Cost of $70 (includes $28 payment to the GFAV & GFAA as an Affiliated member)

  • Renewals will now be due by June 30th each year

  • Better alignment to the game fishing season and our affiliates

  • No change to STC Club Trophy Submission Dates (Still follows FYs)

  • STC Annual Dinner will remain a fixture in the month of November


Notification of Captures

We wish to ensure that all fish captured or released are recorded and that our Club's outstanding trophies are worthily won. Could you please notify the Club of your captures and any Tag and Release details for the year ending 30th June 2022 so we can access and allocate trophy winners. Winners will be announced at the next Annual Dinner.

New Members

For our Club to grow and be successful, we always need new members. If you know of any suitable members for your club and wish to nominate them, please contact Club Secretary Andrew on 0413 052 401 for an application form.

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