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Club waives 2020-21 membership fee

The First Marlin Game Fishing Documentary Screens at The Bermagui Country Club

Lets's face it, a great deal didn't go right for a lot of people in 2020 off the back of the global pandemic.

If you're like a number of Club members whose home was based in Melbourne in 2020, then the opportunities to go game fishing were very limited, thanks to series of government lockdowns.

This notion and many others left the committee thinking how we could best support our Club members across this unprecedented year and in less than ideal times. It lead to us formalising a decision that all Club Membership Renewal Payments for the 2020-21 game fishing season would be waived and that the Club would pay the affiliation amount of $28 to ensure affiliation coverage was maintained.

We hope this decision provided members some financial relief and ensured the lack of fishing opportunities was somewhat less frustrating to deal with. We'e sure 2021 will allow us to get back on the water, to again hear the scream of the ratchet and the gentle lap of waves on the hull.

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