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STC Pakula gamefish lure clearance

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Pakula Paua Medium Sprockets - 5 Skirt colours

Here's chance to grab a set or a couple of STC 80th Anniversary Custom Designed Limited Edition Pakula Paua Medium Sprocket Lumo Gamefish Lures

Originally only available to STC members, we're allowing the fishing public to snap up these fantastic lures at a highly attractive price of $90 each (including postage to Australian post coded locations). These lures have all been custom designed and made by Pakula with an STC logo embedded in the head, recognising the clubs 80th Anniversary. (The STC is Australia's oldest Gamefishing Club, established in February 1934 on Montague Island, NSW).

These are skirt variations to choose from:

• Blue Kona


• Blue Angel


• Illusion


• Blue Lumo


• Slimey


And as a special bonus to those looking to purchase a set of all five lures (we have 4 sets available), we will add a FREE copy our Limited Edition Club History Book 'The History of the Swordfish and Tunny Club - The First 75 years' valued at $50 to the order. Five lure set price is $540 (includes postage to Australian postcoded location and the book).


Pakula Lures Website Sprocket Facts:

Though Pakula Sprockets can be run in any position they are at their best as a long rigger lure, particularly in the our Green Lumo colours have accounted for a great many First Marlin captures, Tournament Wins and the largest fish of the season twice in Cairns.

If you are only ever going to take one piece of advice from us then let it be "Run the Lumo Sprocket on the long rigger, and leave it there!" Many of the successes on Pakula Lures are with this lure in this position. Its tight swimming action works in all conditions at any trolling speed. It is totally irresistible, especially now that the lure comes with the updated Lumo Skirts. Don't leave home without a Lumo Sprocket! In fact you'll more than likely need spares. Anglers have been known to troll a full spread of Lumo Sprockets!

"Simply put, the Pakula Sprocket works in every game fishing ground in the world for every pelagic. They are the professional's favourite and beginners dream. If you ever have to choose just one lure it should be a Pakula Sprocket!"


To order simply contact the club via our contact us form on the website or email Payments can be accepted over the phone by credit card or via EFT. Please be advised we have limited numbers in each skirt colour. Don't delay in ordering.

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