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STC trophy winners season 2017-18

Southern Blue Tuna Tag and Release
Julien Newton Brown (right) claims the Don Sargood Trophy with his 10kg SBT on 6kg

The 2017-18 STC Trophy winners will go down in history as 'firsts' in many different ways.

Members know, the STC holds many of Australia's most prestigious game fishing trophies. Not only do they recognise amazing angling efforts, they recognise the who's who of game fishing in Australia – many are pioneers of the sport. This years winners are no exception to that rule.

The Club congratulates the following winners:

Presidents Trophy - Awarded for the heaviest game fish worldwide

Chris Baty - Capture of a 191kg Bluefin Tuna on 60kg line class

Ian Cutler Trophy - Awarded for tag and release effort of billfish anywhere in the world Aaron Davidson - Tag and Release 3 Striped Marlin (Estimates: 80kg, 90kg, 90kg) on 24kg Line Class

Vida Trophy - Awarded for the most meritorious contribution to tag and release anywhere in the world

Trish Simpson - Tag and Release of a Blue Marlin estimated to be 425kg on 60kg line class

Don Sargood Trophy - Awarded for the most meritorious capture or contribution to tag and release of game fish caught in Victorian waters

Julian Newton Brown - Tag and Release of a SBT Estimate to be 10kg kg on 6kg line class

Tom Mitchell Trophy - Awarded for the most meritorious capture of a game fish anywhere in the world on 10kg line of less.

John Hues - Capture of a 18.55kg Kingfish on 6kg line class

Vic Teasdale Trophy - Awarded for the most meritorious contribution to tag and release of tuna

Julian Newton Brown - Tag and Release of a 2 SBTs Estimate to be 10kg each on 6kg line class


It is important to note the Trish's Vida trophy winning fish and effort was the first time a female Club member has been awarded a trophy. This marks a watershed moment in the Clubs history and a wonderful example of the Clubs shift in direction over the past decade regarding accepting members. The marlin was tag and released off Kona, Hawaii on the 8th September last year. Trish released two blue marlin before lunch that day, one was really outstanding and may have broken the IGFA Women’s world record on 60kg tackle had she taken the fish in for weighing. The deckhand filled out the tag card with an estimated weight of 800lb, but Captain Marlin Parker said the fish was probably between 400 - 425kg.

We also wish to make note of Julian's fish being caught as part of a special organised Club trip and that Julian at the rip old age 86 years young broke a personal record of his own - angling this first ever SBT. The story of this trip and Julien's fish can be read in more detail here on our website.


For members interested in submitting fish captures or tag and release entries for a trophy the trophy season runs from July 1st to June 30th each year. We will continue to welcome all entires that fall into these dates up until a week before the Clubs AGM (this year being held on November 22nd 2019). Trophies for the 2018-19 season will be handed out at the AGM/Annual Dinner. For entry and eligibility rules please review the trophies page on or website.

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