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Mallacoota Marlin

Victorian anglers get the chance to fish for Marlin in their home state.

There's never been a better time to land a Victorian Marlin. Currently a hot bite continues out of Mallacoota, as a strong warm east-caost current eddies into the far east of Bass Strait. 

A few of lucky anglers have been given the taste of some unbelievable game fish action, where they've be offered multiple shots in a day on fiesty striped amrlin. Once report noted a triple hook up as fish schooled on bait balls.

This hot action comes off the back of some great fishing occurring out of the port of Eden over christmas. It appears the strong south follow current has pushed fished into Victorian waters. Unfortunately our home port of Bermagui did not enjoy the run as other ports south have the town have. Maybe they will when the current lessens and swings back around.

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