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STC Club member reports - Winter 2018

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

It's been great to field some fishing reports from Club members who have been wetting a line across the winter months and into the early spring.

Of course, you may have already read six Club members took to the Southern Ocean as part of the Club's Light Tackle SBT trip in June (you can read more about that trip here), and had a very enjoyable couple of days chasing small Southern Bluefin Tuna.

Social media waves informed of us that Tim Simpson, Trish Simpson and Mark Nan Tie fished the International Tuna Cup Challenge in Canada as part of a group of Bluewater Magazine Readers. Although he had some troubles staying connected early, Mark Nan Tie finally got a prize worthy fish – a 900 lbs Giant Bluefin Tuna which took him 1.5 hours to catch and release. While Tim Simpson fulfilled a dream catching and releasing a 1100 lbs (500 kg) Giant Bluefin Tuna after 90-minute battle on 60 kg tackle with 30 kg of drag! You can see the video action surrounding these fish on Bluewater Magazine's Facebook page.

Former Committee and current Club member Andrew Davidson hit the Coral Sea and the Great Barrier Reef for some hot fishing action aboard The Hotshot boat was working its way from from Cairns to Cooktown to start its 2018 heavy tackle Giant Black Marlin season.

Davo helped load their bait freezer as well as land a few tasty take homes, including a great Blue Cod coming through Ribbon No. 3. He and the crew were also kept busy with some fine Spanish Mackerel. Unfortunately coming through Ribbon No. 5 the wind started to pick up. They tried a morning of scad fishing but the sharks really come in and made it difficult getting fish to the boat. The last day was spent out on Ribbon No.7 where the wind palyed havoc making conditions not favourable to put the baits in for Marlin chasing, so they spent the day heading towards Cooktown travelling along inshore.

And finally our Club President and Secretary, Chris and Andy, along with Peter Pakula again found the fish on the flats of Christmas Island. The photos are more than enough to explain the great time they had tussling with tricky Trigger fish, big GTs and of course what Christmas Island is famous for - Bonefish.

Current Club VP Scott Gowland also hit the water, chartering a day out on the shoals near Townsville without much luck.

If you've been recently been fishing and would like to share a report, please let the Club know via our email We'd love to share your successes (and failures) to keep us all up-to-date. And of course as a member group offer great advice and assistance on organising a fishing trip for you.

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